Real estate compliance procedures are put into place to protect the agent, real estate seller, real estate buyer, the financial institution, and other parties that are investing their resources into a specific real estate venture.

Real Estate Compliance Lessons
A regulatory compliance officer has the job of inspecting and making sure that the records are up-to-date and filled out correctly. There may be internal audits conducted on transactions, too. With a cloud based system, these inspections can happen with very little disturbance of the office functions. Internal audits are also good practice for compliance officer training.
Document Approval Process

  • Submitted documents – List view. All documents on one list displayed in chronological order.
  • Submitted documents – Group view. All documents groped by transactions, transactions listed in chronological order.
  • Submit individual documents. Submit documents for review on per document basis. Submit button on the document info panel.
  • Submit a group of documents. Submit All button on the document list panel. Use case: In order to either approve or reject a document there is a need to familiarize yourself with the rest of the transaction and ultimately make a decision. On average it takes 5 minutes to do so, no matter if you want to approve only one document or multiple documents. Starting today users can accumulate documents in transactions and then submit a group of documents for review.


Updated User Permissions
User permissions section. Ability to submit documents for review.

  • Step 1 – Upload documents. This function is available for everyone.
  • Step 2 – Submit for review. This step is controlled by “can submit documents for approval” in the user profile section. Use case: Some companies have multilevel document processing that requires an intermediate group to gather documents and do preliminary review prior to submitting them for approval. Now you can control who can submit documents for review.
Transaction Sheet
The default transaction screen has a brief summary of all important items: address, deadlines, price, status, type, representation and all assigned contacts. One page where you see everything about your transaction.
Backup Your Data
Want to have a copy of all transaction files in one archive? Easy!
Submit your request by clicking on the “Backup” link and the system will email you a link to the archive.
Support Center
In addition to online chat, phone and email communication channels we’ve also added a new section with more information about the Brokermint system. We already covered core functions and have 11 brief tutorials ready for you to take a look at. Need a refresher? See our Support Center to find an answer within seconds. PS. The Support Center section will be updated every time we update the system.
Compliance risk assessment is an integral part of doing real estate transactions.  This is the checks and balance needed to make sure that the agents are following your office procedures correctly.  It is amazing how many companies skip this step until it becomes an issue.

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