We are happy to give you a hand and provide a downloadable copy of our checklist for buying transactions. The real estate closing checklist for buyers helps to cover all major steps and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. It’s a handy real estate solution that can make all the difference when you are buying a home.

Buying checklist, also known as the real estate closing checklist, covers every step from purchase to closing and helps buyers and sellers to comply with contractual obligations. Usually, it covers all items including Purchase Contract, Counter offers, Request for repairs, disclosures and inspection reports.

real-estate-closing-checklist-for-agents-and-brokers-A separate portion of this complete real estate solution covers escrow related documents and tasks. On this note, the real estate contract to closing checklist helps escrow agents to keep reminded of all collectibles, as escrow office needs to collect all items and give them to the buyer to review and sign. Even though the process sounds very simple, there are a lot of nuances that should be taken care of, and most importantly they can’t be missed or delayed as it may cause either transaction extension or even cancellation.

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to buying template, we also have checklist for listings.

Obtaining a real estate buyer checklist is the very first step to start with to make sure you don’t miss out important details. It is also an important tool to keep reminded on what else to look for when viewing a property. In addition to the checklist, you may consider using Brokermint Back Office that helps you to keep track of documents due, provides visibility over multiple transactions and sends email reminders. This way, you will never miss out other important transactions and keep you in line with your major goals.

When you choose to download this all in one real estate checklist for buyers, you may also think about other time saving functions that will help with paperless transaction management.

  1. Setup checklist rules to automatically pre-populate due dates
  2. If you change any due date all dependent items will be updated automatically
  3. Receive daily email notifications with overdue items and tasks due today
Brokermint can automate document requests and agent deadline reminders, it does all of the repetitive transaction management work automatically, letting your staff focus only on the most critical tasks!

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