There are almost too many documents for one agent to keep track of for a single listing. Real estate document management software is very important for having a safe location to create, track and collate documents for real estate transactions.

Brokermint Announces Real Estate Document Management Software Updates
Great news! The Brokermint solution got updated. Here is what we added to our Real Estate Document Management Software:

  • Document Management (upload/delete)
  • Document Preview
  • Document Comments (add) – updated ETA 1/17
  • Document Email Integration (add docs via email) – updated ETA 1/17
On Monday 1/13 will install the reporting module, which for now will have two reports:

  • Sales Forecast report
  • Agent Performance report
Document management is simply tracking documents and making sure that the proper context is on each.  Although documents types have changes throughout the centuries, keeping track of the data has always been a challenge.
Real estate document management is something that offices struggle with. Offices that have not gone paperless and in the cloud are struggling to keep up with the other offices that are using the proper technology to their advantage.
The real estate game is unfair. It really matters who is able to go out and find more deals to close more deals. Document management software greatly improves the chances for success for any real estate venture.
It is an great time to get in on some technology put together by Brokermint. Not only will it help save your business times, it can become the most valuable asset in your office. Do you remember what carbon paper went carbonless? That was a huge advance in real estate transaction technology because there was no need for carrying around carbon papers that black smudges on everything. Brokermint’s technology is that kind of advance over paper systems!  Paperless and in the cloud is the best way for real time data management.
Overall Progress:
We are on track and follow the predefined product roadmap.

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