Real estate document review. We learned that a lot of companies have a policy defining how fast submitted documents should be processed, for example, within 48 hours, etc. In order to help with this need, we updated the Approve documents section:

  • Date submitted (updated) is shown on transaction list and document level
  • Number of submitted documents in now listed in front of every transaction
  • All submitted requests sorted in chronological order (oldest first)
  • We also excluded all cancelled transactions from the Approve Docs list

In addition to the items listed above we released a few simple yet important improvements:

  • Added filter to the transaction list. By default, only active transactions are shown. You can access closed and cancelled by clicking on the corresponding link at the bottom of the list.
  • “Tasks due — daily summary” notification regarding all transactions where user is set as owner (previously regarding all transactions user had access to)
  • List of “My Tasks” shows tasks owned by user (previously all tasks/transactions that user had access to)
  • Improved Activity feed, “transaction owner” change is now logged by the system.
  • Transaction cover page shows decimals (if available), .00 is not displayed.
  • Fixed document preview. Previously, when preview was closed, the system redirected to the first document on the list

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