The real estate listing checklist is a listing template that covers everything from listing to expiration during the property selling period, helping an agent to obtain all necessary documents, don’t miss out promotions, install yard signs, adjust the current price of the property and update the MLS information.


The listing checklist includes real estate checklist for sellers. This checklist intends to make every selling transaction as smooth and as orderly as possible. It will help owners or sellers to be reminded about all important documents, estimates and evaluations.

Aside from the checklist for sellers, we also have real estate listing checklist for agents. This checklist works specifically for agents during the selling period to meet required deliverables within the specific time limit.

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The next phase of any transaction is purchase, learn more about real estate buying checklist here.

Obtaining a checklist is a good start; the next step is to find a complete real estate solution that helps to keep track of all documents due, provides visibility over multiple transactions and sends them email reminders.

Ideally, you should be able to share your checklist with other participants, collect and store your own documents, stay on top of your list, access all the reports anywhere and receive hassle-free email reminders. With a real estate technology like Brokermint Back Office, you’ll never have to miss one important detail in your transactions again.

Brokermint can automate document requests and agent deadline reminders, it does all of the repetitive transaction management work automatically, letting you focus only on the most critical tasks!

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