Real Estate Office Management Software Helping You Manage Multiple Locations Easily

Do you run multiple franchise offices or have multiple office locations and need a streamlined, efficient system to keep everything synced together? Brokermint is your answer. Forget fussing with spreadsheets or complicated, cumbersome formulas. Keep everyone across all of your offices on the same page, organized and productive with highly effective, centralized dashboards that show all of the relevant details for tasks, contracts, to-dos, appointment and more.

Run Your Real Estate Back Office Tasks, Your Way

Brokermint makes it easy for you to tackle administrative and tedious management tasks. No need to uproot your complete business model. With our comprehensive management system, you can separate offices into individual sub accounts. Ensure that each admin only has access to one account or many, giving you the freedom to keep account details restricted to only those that you want to have access to. And because Brokermint can be used on any device with a browser and an internet connection, it’s still accessible while remaining secure and private. Customize different levels of user access and interaction with just a few clicks. Nothing complicated and no programming or coding experience necessary!

Real Estate Management Software, Without the Management Headaches

You can manage your business process easily and efficiently with cookie-cutter simplicity simply by sharing the same set of settings across each office. Or you can alternatively customize each office to be unique. You get the ease of use of managing your offices more effectively without additional downtime or the need to wrangle different settings while still ensuring that relevant data is in sync and that each office system is communicating expeditiously with each other.

Run Reports to Show Office Performance

One of the most important aspects of real estate back office management is the ability to see how each office is performing. Brokermint gives you several metrics to choose from, and the ability to create your own custom reports. by simply dragging and dropping different “building blocks” to create a gorgeous report that’s branded with your logo and other relevant details, so that the end result looks polished and professional.

A Versatile Suite of Features and Time-Saving Processes

Brokermint was built by brokers and agents, for brokers and agents, so we’ve put a real estate office and brokerage could ever need into one succinct, fast-loading, consistently updated system. Brokermint is a platform that’s always evolving to better serve you.
Having a centralized system enables you to bring in data from various offices, organize, sort, filter and report it in various ways while always staying in sync and providing for open communication and discussion between offices and across tasks. The bottom line with Brokermint: Get more done with less effort and by spending less time.

Brokermint is the Real Estate Back Office Software that Saves You Time and Money

From comprehensive reports to time-saving features like integration with Quickbooks, Salesforce, BoomTown, and your local MLS, Brokermint is designed to work with the tools you already use while reducing the learning curve so that you can be up and running quickly with a system that is fast, agile and built to deliver brilliant results, quickly. And when you’re dealing with multiple offices, there’s no better way to improve productivity without sacrificing speed.

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