Brokermint Features

Accelerate your business with real-time insights

Create automated reporting and make better, data-backed decisions.

Reporting + Analytics

Get a 1,000-foot view, or zoom in on the nitty-gritty details to monitor the metrics that matter and keep your business free from bottlenecks, roadblocks, and error-prone spreadsheet systems. Use our built in reports and create your own with the report builder.

Pipeline View


Quickly spin up pipeline views, projected and pending cash flow, and progress-tracking reports to keep agents motivated and on the mark.

dashboard of reporting and analytics

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Key Metrics + KPIs

Report Builder

Native reports plus unlimited customization (and the option to save templates and export to excel) means monitoring what matters most to you and putting your data to work, faster.

Sales Volume

Transaction Analytics

Every detail of each transaction is tracked, monitored, and instantly available to help you track total sales volume, listings, and lead performance. Compare your results to past performance and determine which funnels fuel your ROI.

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Top Contributors

Agent Performance

Track team performance by volume, commissions, split contributions, and more, and see who’s crushing commissions in one location, or across several offices with just a few clicks.

Franchise Data

Dash Integration

Compliance is critical, so let’s make it quick and simple too. Sync personnel, listings, and transactions to Dash automatically. No more duplicate data entry.

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