Enjoy the Convenience of a Real Estate Single Sign-On Point

There’s nothing quite as convenient as having a single point to sign on and enjoy access to all of the tools you use regularly. Single sign-on, also known as SSO, simplifies the sign on process without forcing you to remember yet another login and password.
With Brokermint’s easy to use single sign on system, you can connect the systems you use most often and use Brokermint as a centralized, embedded system as your hub to help manage the rest of your tasks and transactions.
Because Brokermint is a cloud-based, secure, private system, it simplifies the process of managing your most tedious and cumbersome real estate back office tasks. It allows you to seamlessly transition between the systems that you use most often so you can concentrate on getting more done without wasting time, effort or money.

Create a Seamless Lead to Contract to Close System

Brokermint allows you to go from lead to contract to closing in one complete, nearly effortless and easy to use system. No programming experience necessary. No complicated spreadsheets to deal with. No more hassle with formulas and complex commission structures.

Connect Your Own Systems Using API and SSO

Want to connect your own internal systems? Got an API? Use Brokermint’s real estate SSO system to connect the tools you use and are most comfortable with. No need to completely uproot or change the way you do business. Brokermint is smart enough and intuitive enough to be able to work with your tools. It also integrates with many popular software programs, including QuickBooks, Salesforce, your local MLS and much more.

Use Brokermint as a Central Hub or Embed It In Your Dashboard

By connecting your systems and organizing the way you want, you can get more done. No more forced, rigid systems that are just designed to complicate things. Brokermint makes working with the systems you know and use everyday even easier by streamlining efficiency and creating seamless transitions between them so that you can access the information you need quickly and easily.

Use Brokermint’s Dashboard to Store Internal Links to All Your Systems

Yes! You can customize Brokermint’s Dashboard system to include internal links to all of your systems so that you have everything you need to work more productively. Your dashboard, your way, completely customized and personalized thanks to Brokermint. No matter whether you need to access and set up custom commission structures to attract and retain top performers, or you want to connect Quickbooks to Brokermint to create an easy way to send transactions from Brokermint to Quickbooks for easier accounting and less errors.
And Quickbooks is just one of many systems that Brokermint works with. With Brokermint’s real estate SSO, you can get more done in less time and with better accuracy. Brokermint also works with your local MLS as well as tools like BoomTown, Salesforce and much more. No matter what you need to do, the intelligent real estate SSO system lets you do even more.

Don’t Settle for Inferior, Complicated Systems

Brokermint make it easy to integrate a single sign on system with the tools you already know and love. Count on our experience to help you customize your real estate back office management system to simplify the way you do business while giving you the overview and the details you need to do even more. User friendly, easy to work with, efficient and fast, Brokermint connects the dots.
Switch out your inferior, clunky system for a system that’s built for speed and accuracy. Brokermint can make it happen.

Ready to Learn More?

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