Please take a look at our recent updates. And, YES, we are ahead of our initial development plan.

Share Transactions
A lot of real estate experts use either transaction coordinators or office managers to help with their routine paperwork. Starting today you can invite multiple participants to any of your transactions. So we can easily accommodate a scenario where an agent creates a transaction, invites his/her transaction coordinator to this transaction and at the same time their broker still has access and visibility on everything. The next edition of this function will give an ability to customize access levels (read-only, full access, access to all documents, access to sellers documents, access to buyers documents)

Email notifications
The document approval process was improved. Every time you reject a document the system will immediately send an email notification to the person who submitted it for approval.

Security improvements
It is a top priority for us to make sure your data is safe and secure. In addition to us using US-based Amazon hosting for data storage we also have advanced data encryption mechanism in place. Recently we’ve installed premium encryption certificate (SSL certificate) that keeps thieves from “overhearing” any exchange between Brokermint and your computer. The premium certificate also guarantees that the organization’s legal and physical existence was verified according to strict industry standards.

Next Update
Our next product update is scheduled to happen on 2/10/2014. The updated product roadmap is available here.

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