Welcome to our product update video summary!
In this release, we explain how to get more out of your checklists.

Sophisticated Control

  • You can now use checklists to not only track tasks and documents, but also to specify a predefined process for your users to follow.
    • As the company account administrator, you can limit modification of checklists, allowing users to follow the checklist but not add or remove tasks. You define it, they follow it.
    • If a document necessary for completing a checklist is unavailable, the user can request an exemption, and the company account administrator can either approve or reject the exemption request.
  • You can also delete a document without deleting a task. This function is useful when you need to upload a new version of a document, or delete an incorrectly assigned document. All deleted documents are available in the “Activity” section.
Product Roadmap
In our next release, we will be adding file management functionality allowing you to upload groups of files simultaneously, as well as split or merge PDF documents. Learn more about these upcoming features here.

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