Brokermint understands this and set out to simplify the tedious and time-consuming process of recording and archiving transaction data. In just a few simple clicks, you can:


Make and save a copy of transaction data at any time

Instantly download your transaction data

If you had multiple checklists assigned to your transaction, these too will be represented in a separate folder

Automatically rename files to match checklist items

Include all relevant documents, including unsorted documents, in your archive

The download link for your requested transaction data is valid for 7 days for security purposes. You can create a new one at any time

Download the complete transaction archive as a .zip file and save it to your hard drive or make a backup on recordable media

Demonstrate your full compliance with real estate audit criteria

Transaction management is just one of many outstanding features that make Brokermint a true all-in-one real estate back office management solution.

What our customers say

From small teams to multi-office brokerages,
Brokermint helps you take office efficiency to the next level

Once you have introduced this software into your office procedure you will find that the acceptance from your agents and entire staff will be one of appreciation.
Linda Kendall, Broker
Elevate Realty Group

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