Every real estate office wants an edge over their competition.  The competition for terrific property finds is incredible!  The team here offers management this secret weapon!
After the listing is created and posted, potential buyers start the process of offers and counter offers.  It is just inedible the amount of time it takes to respond to each of these offers individually.  Customers have a lot more questions to ask, and there are a lot more housing options to choose from than every before.  It is really a buyers market right now, so the customers are driving their agenda into the offers more often.
The next fiasco is dealing with escrow.  Once you have worked so hard to get the amounts agreed upon and the money submitted into escrow, the paperwork must be absolutely perfect.  At this point, you could not only lose a customer, but you could also make them very upset with you if they lose a substantial amount of money in this phase of the process.
So, how in the world does a real estate agent p on top of this mountain of expectations to ensure a positive outcome for the customer as welll as a high commission for the agent. The best option is to start the process from the beginning with all of the steps mapped out ahead of time for ease of the complete transaction.  The goal is to close the transaction in a timely fashion so that you, as the agent, can get to selling another piece of property faster.

What Brokermint Offers Management
Real estate offers can get very complicated and time consuming.  How can Brokermint help you with the offer management process? Is there viable offer management software available now? Is this the right place for offer management solutions? The answer is YES to all three questions!
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