A slightly delayed update is finally ready for you to take a look at. So, instead of adding just one new function we added 2! Just continue reading and you will learn more about what has been done with our transaction management system.
Automated compliance management is something that Brokermint is highly skilled at. Because they have developed the software to be used in the cloud, a new regulation can be added once, then accessed by all of the people who need to utilize that information.

Our Transaction Management System Improvements
A transaction management system is extremely important to getting real estate tasks done efficiently. Going paperless with a real estate transaction management system can be one of  the best invests you can make for your business.  It is a huge leap forward like a printing press to a photocopier.
Setup Transaction Permissions
Don’t change the way you run your business, just mimic your current processes in the system. Starting today, the updated user management section has a list of rules you can apply to each of your members. It’s very simple and intuitive, you just choose and pick what they are able to do within their account and that’s it! When you add a user to your account a default set of rules will be applied. For further fine-tuning click on any use and enable/disable rules. The set of rules will keep growing along with the other functions of the system.
For example, automated compliance is something that real estate agents ask for. Basically, it is extremely difficult to keep up with all of the regulations regarding local, state and federal laws surrounding various property transactions.  Real estate agents know that they do not have the time to both memorize code and go out and market properties. User permission make this process go smoother.
Document Approval
“Add files to your checklist and submit them for review” – this is now what your agents can do. On the broker side there is a simple list of all submitted documents, you just either approve or reject. And again, taking into consideration the user permissions section, you can delegate this responsibility and allow any user to be in charge of this critical function.
Automated policy compliance systems allow for better and faster communication. This revved up communication allows for agents to get out and make more profit. So, there is a two-sided bonus: agents spent less time in the office and more time making profit in the field.

Next Update
On 2/14/2014 we will be releasing Working Documents and PDF split/merge functionality.
Want to know more about further updates? Take a look at our product roadmap!

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