We at the Brokermint are happy to announce that we provide a free downloadable copy of our real estate closing checklist for buyers, agents, realtors and sellers. This real estate closing checklist template helps to take care all major steps from the Agreement of Purchase and Sale to the annual tax payable and makes sure nothing slips through the sieve in the process.


The real estate closing checklist for buyers covers every step from purchase contract to closing and helps buyers and sellers to comply with contractual obligations, counter offers, request for repairs, disclosures, inspection reports, so on. When buyers have this checklist, they are rest assured that they don’t miss out important milestones in the buying process like contacting insurance companies to set up homeowner’s policy, contacting the lender for the date of closing, asking an attorney for settlement agreement, verifying home repair, and many more. These tasks may sound so tedious and way over your head. You need to try this complete real estate solution to make the tasks lighter and easier.

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In addition to buying template we also have checklist for listings.

So in order for the process to run smoothly, obtaining a real estate closing file checklist is a very good start. Next is obtaining a real estate solution that helps to keep track of all the documents due, provides access over multiple transactions and even sends regular reminders to your email. You need simple reports while on the go and receive email reminders when necessary.

Next thing you want to do is store your data or documents and stay on top of your checklist as much as possible. This must be a very exciting experience to real estate partners, agents and brokers. Excited?

Take a look at Brokermint – a simple transaction management system for agents and brokers.

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