staying in compliance solutions infographic With all of the laws and codes surrounding real estate transactions, the amount of bureaucracy can make the actions of a real estate agent difficult.  There is software available to help fix some of these legal headaches that pop up  from time to time.

Staying In Compliance With These Options
Complete Audit Trail

  • See who did what
  • Consolidated transaction log
  • System action log: user activity and contact management
Intuitive Checklists

  • You define it—they follow it
  • View tasks and documents in one list
  • Assign items to listing, expiration, acceptance, and closing dates
Full transaction history

  • Complete, automatic log of every key stroke
  • Deleted documents can be restored
  • Filter by any event type
Automatic Logging of Emails

  • Forward emails to your transactions
  • All emails logged under transaction history
  • File attachments saved for further processing
The rules for compliance change so often that it really takes the whole real estate office to help with maintaining a list of codes. Having an automated compliance management system at your finger tips beats having to photocopy laws and place them into three-ring binders like before.
The compliance audit procedures change too almost every six months or so. These procedures are important to remaining in compliance of the laws.  Some of these procedures make no sense, and yet, there is a reason for them to be in place.
A full on compliance tracking system should be utilized to be for certain that all of the codes and procedures are being followed precisely.  There is too much wasted time and energy spent having to redo a contract due to failing to recognize a compliance change when it happens.
The compliance audit process helps agents and other real estate managers have a check and balance against the rules of what needs to be done versus what is actually happening in the field.  Agents are human, and mistakes happen.
Brokermint invested the effort and resources to create compliance audit checklist that is usable by your agency to keep all staff informed of procedure changes so the agents stay in compliance.  This cloud based solution also gives agents the the opportunity to ask questions about procedure changes; this avoids wasting time by answering like questions from other agents, too.

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