In 2012 Mary Dorval began her career as a real estate office manager with a good understanding of what working full-time in real estate requires: time-sensitive work and exquisite attention to detail. “Real estate was always a natural fit for my abilities,” Mary said.

From Optimism to Overload

Yet as Harcourts Time Realty’s business began to grow, paperwork and daily follow-up began to consume Mary’s workday. Different excel files, dropbox folders and google spreadsheets helped to keep track of all the necessary information, but she was sorely in need of a workflow automation tool.

After years of a constant daily grind of emails, phone calls and endless documentation, Mary knew she needed to make a dramatic change. Brokermint was referred to Mary by an experienced Transaction Coordinator. “It was a no-brainer for me to give it a try, I like to bring structure to all things I do” – Mary said.

Reduce Work Load, Increase Family Time

By implementing Brokermint Mary was able to set up a single system to run Harcourts’ day-to-day business and seamlessly track commissions, thus freeing herself up to focus more on their growing client base.

“With Brokermint, transaction management is very simple and most importantly, it’s not time consuming.” Mary continued, “I love the easy-to-use file upload, and the ability to send emails to the system and out of the system. It really makes a big difference!”

As an added benefit, Brokermint’s remote access capabilities allowed Mary to enjoy a better work-life balance and spend more time with her family.

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Key Facts

  • Reduced hours in work week by 28%
  • Enabled better work-life balance and more time with family
  • Eradicated double-entry
“The overall experience working with this company is something hard to describe with words. These guys listen to feedback, it seems that no matter what you ask, it is either on the wishlist or already being implemented.”