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Heather Roemmich of Chantel Ray Real Estate was initially using a different transaction management program. But in a growing office that was looking to scale, it just wasn’t efficient. Heather and her fellow agents and staff were looking at ways to go paperless so that they could further simplify and streamline administrative tasks.


With Brokermint, Heather saw that you could create checklists online that were both task-driven and state-driven to ensure compliance. At Chantel Ray Real Estate, the company handles a very large volume of transactions, so they needed a system that would be able to not only handle that volume but allow for scalable growth as well.


When they first adopted Brokermint, Chantel Ray Real Estate had two offices. Today, they are seven offices strong across three states, and Brokermint has kept up every step of the way.


Heather’s favorite feature within Brokermint is the precise control and customizability of the system. Whether you want to create a checklist or customize a report, you don’t have to wait for your development team to make it. Heather also notes that as the business changes and grows, Brokermint is adaptive enough to allow them to add different features as priorities shift.


One of the core values at Chantel Ray Real Estate is “excellence and efficiency in everything”. Before they start using a program, they ask themselves, “will this save time?” and “will this make administrative duties easier?” all while continuing to handle significant transaction volumes simultaneously.


Brokermint does both, while allowing Heather and her team to integrate top-notch customer relationship management and marketing tools like Salesforce and PropertyBase. This, in turn allows them to handle more transactions with less administrative overhead, thereby simplifying and solidifying the entire real estate back office management process.

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