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Prior to using Brokermint, Sean Becker of Sean Z. Becker Real Estate had relied on Excel spreadsheets and old-fashioned paper files to organize everything from agents to finances.


…That is, until he lost a year’s worth of financial data by accident.


This spurred him on to look for a solution. In doing so, he came across an article about Brokermint. Sean’s company was relatively small, and at the time Brokermint was a startup as well. Both companies were aiming to grow, making the match a solid fit.


Fast-forward 3-4 years and Sean’s company, like Brokermint, has grown considerably. Trying to manage all of that with spreadsheets and papers alone would have lead to countless errors, not to mention a disorganized mess of trying to track things like commissions and agent compliance.


Sean likens using Brokermint to looking in a rear-view mirror:  everything is tracked, organized and centralized and everyone knows how to find it. And having a system in place has allowed Sean’s company to scale up, adding ten agents to the roster and always looking to add more.


Much in the same way that you can’t steer a ship without a compass, Sean compares Brokermint to that compass — guiding and providing direction.  He views Brokermint as the essential backbone of his business — giving it structure.


Through Brokermint, Sean and his real estate team can graph their progress year after year. In addition, Sean considers Brokermint’s integrations a crucial part of what separates it from other platforms on the market. From one centralized dashboard, he can link it to his CRM, Dropbox, QuickBooks and more.


Sean’s favorite thing about Brokermint? Its simplicity. In real estate, there are people trying hard to solve problems which aren’t really problems. Here’s a solution that can connect your Facebook to your email, or there’s a solution that connects your email to your Dropbox.  They are, in short, solutions looking for a problem


With real estate back office management, you don’t need a system that does everything halfway; rather you need a system that does an excellent job at very specific things, which is precisely where Brokermint shines.


Its clean UI, simple, modern-looking design and how accessible it makes everything are all features that we’re accustomed to from the apps and systems we use every day. Small teams like Sean’s understandably look for a “one size fits all” system, but it doesn’t really exist. Brokermint, on the other hand, gives you a bird’s eye view and handles everything from document management to commission management almost effortlessly, helping him to grow his business in a way that’s steady and reliable.

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