Real Estate Transaction Management for Brokers – What You Need to Know

Brokermint November 20, 2019

No matter the size of your real estate deals, they are complicated processes with plenty of paperwork, third party involvement, and cash to go around. For most people in the midst of a real estate deal (whether buyer or seller), the process of closing on that property is the most important thing on their minds....

Stay informed in real time, from highlights to granular details

Brokermint November 5, 2019

Track all listings, pending sales and rent or lease transactions
Get the full story on any property, in just a few clicks
Focus on the metrics that matter, with 'drag & drop' tailored reports

Sub accounts and moving transactions

Brokermint August 2, 2017

Sometimes company’s with more than one location will need to transfer or move information between offices. For company’s with multiple office locations (Sub Accounts) we have added the ability to move transactions between sub accounts. Now any users with access to multiple accounts can use this new feature. Select Edit within the transaction Select “Move...

Can “Edit” Transactions

Brokermint April 5, 2016

For companies who want their agents to initiate a transaction, but do not want them to have access to change the information we have introduced a new permission. Before this update the system  would automatically allow users to edit a transaction without any specific permission being enabled. Now Admins can set the permission “can edit”...

The Visibility You Never Had Before

Brokermint April 26, 2015

Do you want to see all transactions that require your attention? Understand what you need to do without opening every transaction? Or maybe see all listings and pending sales that were added last week? Or sort them by price or office net? With the new transaction list, you can do it all: access transaction indicators,...

Customize transactions the way that you need

Brokermint April 14, 2015

We know how important it is to customize transactions the way you want. Set up fields to allow your team to enter all vital information into the system. Our team was assisting by handling such requests, but we believe that there is a better way to manage this. Starting today, there is a new interface...

Transaction Wizard & Transaction List

Brokermint March 1, 2015

Our recent system updates include: Transaction wizard was introduced to the system We want to change the end-user experience by allowing users to enter all key information during the initial step. In this update, we added total gross commission and also introduced a separate step for contact management. Now you can add new contacts right...

Product Updates: Transaction ID

Brokermint December 30, 2014

We would like to thank everyone for all the feedback given to us! The updates listed below are a good example of how our team turns your ideas into time-saving features. None of them were listed on the product roadmap, we’ve added them on top of what we promised. Transaction ID Need to differentiate your...