Alignment Between Brokermint and Track1099 Enables Streamlined 1099 Management and Filing

Brokermint November 6, 2019

One of the most difficult aspects of managing 1099 staff is accounting for them during tax time! Many brokerages leverage 1099 professionals – or contract, non-full time employees – as agents. Typically, real estate agents receive a 1099-MISC tax form and receive compensation as an independent contractor. This means that for tax purposes, real estate...


Brokermint May 15, 2019

Help inspire mutual cooperation from agents and teams by assigning goals, releasing announcements and more. Encourage teamwork and motivate agents to excel with goal and progress-tracking. Brokermint's intelligent real estate reporting software gives you a broad overview as well as the granular details you need to see how agents and teams are working together, as well as prevent task bottlenecks with comprehensive and easy-to-use organizational systems to stay on track and focused on every task, large or small.

More help with custom requests!

Brokermint April 18, 2016

We at Brokermint strive to keep our clients happy and provide ongoing support and services for all admins and agents. We offer many services for no additional charge and are happy to help with all of your company’s needs. Included with your subscription: Weekly training for agents Ongoing 24 hour support Videos/Tutorials Webinars Individual demo’s...

Update: Agent Report

Brokermint September 22, 2015

Great news! With the recent commission management update it became possible for us to take Brokermint reports to the next level. Today we’ve updated the Agent Report which answers the following questions: Who are my top producing agents? How many transactions did they close? I need to 1099 agents. What is the total commission per...

Update: Individual commission statement

Brokermint September 18, 2015

You can now create Individual Commission statements for your agents. This means that you no longer have to use custom Excel files; the system automates this step for you and creates a simple-to-read form that can be saved as a PDF file or emailed from the system. In addition to the property address the form...