Compliance is easy – Brokermint keeps a detailed record of every transaction

Brokermint November 5, 2019

Time stamp all correspondence and completed steps
Upload and store transaction documents for easy, instant retrieval
No stress or disruption - you’re ready for audit whenever it comes

Compliance 2.0 – the new way to approve documents

Brokermint July 14, 2016

  We all know that a crucial part of every transaction is paperwork, but who likes to spend a lot of time reviewing it? Compliance is a must but it’s too time consuming.. This is why we took all recent suggestions and updated the way admins review documents, it’s simpler and the most important it...

Broker Review

Brokermint March 22, 2015

Staying in Compliance. Stop the Legal Headache!

Brokermint April 25, 2014

With all of the laws and codes surrounding real estate transactions, the amount of bureaucracy can make the actions of a real estate agent difficult.  There is software available to help fix some of these legal headaches that pop up  from time to time. Staying In Compliance With These Options Complete Audit Trail See who...

Automated Compliance Solutions

Brokermint April 1, 2014

Watch our 1 minute product update video summary regarding Real Estate Compliance. Some computer tasks are repeated over and over. Automated compliance solutions help maintain the various rules regarding real estate transactions. Information can be easily updated in this cloud based software offered by Brokermint that helps alleviate the stress that is created from trying...

Real Estate Compliance. Approve Documents

Brokermint March 25, 2014

Real estate compliance procedures are put into place to protect the agent, real estate seller, real estate buyer, the financial institution, and other parties that are investing their resources into a specific real estate venture. Real Estate Compliance Lessons A regulatory compliance officer has the job of inspecting and making sure that the records are...