Edit document and restart E-signature

Brokermint March 12, 2017

Sometimes when designing an E-sign document we may forget to add something important that is needed within the document. By selecting Restart E-sign the system will pull up the document to send with its original content that was added by the user requesting the signature. Please keep in mind, once the document has been fully executed...

Update: New Document Approval Process!

Brokermint April 23, 2016

Fantastic news! We have updated the way admins can approve documents. You can now review all of the documents within the transaction on the documents page, review other information within the transaction without leaving the review process and submit all documents at one time.  Also, admins can now add custom notes if needed and copy...

What is Real Estate Transaction Management Software?

Brokermint March 22, 2015

Access your documents anytime, anywhere with unparalleled ease and speed! Upload any document, anytime. Review all documents, attachments, emails and digital images from any web-enabled device, while keeping your documents secure on our protected servers. You always have access to your data, anytime and from any browser with an internet connection. Keep information stored online and secure and keep detailed backups for your own use on recordable media. Transaction management real estate has never been easier.

PDF Content Splitter and Merger

Brokermint May 16, 2014

There are so many reasons to separate and merge documents for real estate transactions.  Maybe you only need to send part of a file to a potential customer. A pdf content splitter is a piece of software that allows for documents to be collated as necessary. PDF Content Splitter Modification Tricks If you need to...

Adding Files, It’s that simple

Brokermint April 29, 2014

Your Real Estate File Management has never been easier. Just drag-n-drop your files to your transactions. Enjoy the unlimited storage. Unsorted Documents The “Unsorted Documents” folder is designed to simplify the way you add documents to the system. You can keep an unlimited number of files here, and assign them to your checklist as needed. Let’s...

Sophisticated Control

Brokermint April 16, 2014

Welcome to our product update video summary! In this release, we explain how to get more out of your checklists. Sophisticated Control You can now use checklists to not only track tasks and documents, but also to specify a predefined process for your users to follow. As the company account administrator, you can limit modification...

Real Estate Compliance. Approve Documents

Brokermint March 25, 2014

Real estate compliance procedures are put into place to protect the agent, real estate seller, real estate buyer, the financial institution, and other parties that are investing their resources into a specific real estate venture. Real Estate Compliance Lessons A regulatory compliance officer has the job of inspecting and making sure that the records are...

Real Estate Document Management Software

Brokermint January 9, 2014

There are almost too many documents for one agent to keep track of for a single listing. Real estate document management software is very important for having a safe location to create, track and collate documents for real estate transactions. Brokermint Announces Real Estate Document Management Software Updates Great news! The Brokermint solution got updated....