You assign it, Brokermint tracks it… and nothing gets overlooked

Brokermint November 5, 2019

Set deadlines and reminders so nothing falls through the gaps
See all tasks in real time, with delays flagged for attention
Save time and error with automatic document requests

Announcing the DocuSign and Brokermint Integration: Closing Deals Faster Together

Brokermint September 13, 2019

In today’s real estate market, information is key to your business success. You need to be able to use information to act fast and capitalize on opportunities – and know what’s working and what’s not working. However, lack of automation across paperwork management process—from contract initiation to close—is hindering your ability to process deals quickly...


Brokermint February 17, 2019

Brokerages are modernizing their systems, consolidating, and automating. One of the advantages of a modern system like Brokermint is that you can connect it to other systems you use—like your CRM, accounting software, your MLS, and even Realogy Dash. No more manual and duplicate entry, no more inconsistencies between systems. One continuous data flow from...

Dropbox Integration

Brokermint May 10, 2017

Dropbox integration is now available! Dropbox integration is now available! In addition to Brokermint storing your information forever, the system can automatically backup transactions to your Dropbox! The Dropbox integration is triggered upon a transaction closing in Brokermint. It zips up the transaction and related documents and places it neatly in your Dropbox account. This...

Coming soon: Follow Up Boss CRM Integration

Brokermint July 10, 2016

  In a few weeks, we will be releasing integration with Follow Up Boss CRM via Apination. It will let you synchronize your contacts, agents, lenders, create and automatically route to your transactions. Update transaction status in Follow Up Boss, all based on the rules you set-up. The best part is that it monitors your...

Coming soon: Integration with Zapier

Brokermint May 31, 2016

Your time is valuable. Why waste it doing tedious tasks that a computer can handle for you? In a few weeks we will be releasing integration with Zapier. It will let you connect and automate more than 500 apps, so you can focus on the more important stuff. Here’s how it works: Zapier watches your...

Real Estate MLS Integration

Brokermint February 16, 2016

Did you know that Brokermint can integrate with your Multiple Listing Service (MLS)? We work with your MLS to automatically import all of your listings into the Brokermint software so you can keep everything, from listings to transactions, all in one place! How does it work? First log into the Brokermint system: Our MLS integration...

Real Estate CRM Integration

Brokermint February 16, 2016

Big news! Not only does Brokermint seamlessly integrate with MLS and QuickBooks, with your CRM system. It’s the trifecta of integrations that you can use to streamline your real estate back office process. It doesn’t matter which CRM you’re using either–you name the system and we can setup a process to automatically import contacts and...

How to Implement the New Real Estate Cloud Computing Technology in Your Firm?

Brokermint October 26, 2014

New real estate cloud computing technology can be easier to implement than you might think. It is important that real estate owners and brokers communicate and make known the need for change among their staff and partners. If real estate agents and office staff resist the need for change, help them understand by conducting real...

Share transactions

Brokermint February 5, 2014

Please take a look at our recent updates. And, YES, we are ahead of our initial development plan. Share Transactions A lot of real estate experts use either transaction coordinators or office managers to help with their routine paperwork. Starting today you can invite multiple participants to any of your transactions. So we can easily accommodate...