Transaction Checklist Infographic

Brokermint December 27, 2019

Learn how the perfect transaction checklist should look like and what features it should contain in our new infographic.

Beyond transactions – Brokermint helps you run a tighter ship

Brokermint November 5, 2019

A back office suite keeps your whole team working together
Improve performance with a set of agent management tools
Use analytics to spot and measure improvements across the business

What is Real Estate Transaction Management Software?

Brokermint March 22, 2015

Access your documents anytime, anywhere with unparalleled ease and speed! Upload any document, anytime. Review all documents, attachments, emails and digital images from any web-enabled device, while keeping your documents secure on our protected servers. You always have access to your data, anytime and from any browser with an internet connection. Keep information stored online and secure and keep detailed backups for your own use on recordable media. Transaction management real estate has never been easier.

Real Estate checklists and Automated Rules

Brokermint August 21, 2014

The checklist management allows to create real estate checklists and setup automated rules for your items. When we say rules – it means you can tell the system when your items are due. For example you can set it up to be 10 days before closing or 17 days after acceptance, etc. In order to...

Checklist Templates Make Managing Easier

Brokermint July 21, 2014

Real estate transaction management is not as simple as it sounds. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a ton of small routine tasks that you need to track and complete without checklist templates. Transaction management is not just a list of documents that you need to collect – it’s a simple instrument to help you...

Real Estate Checklist Management Software

Brokermint July 14, 2014

Real Estate Checklist Management Due to the increasing amount of paperwork and responsibilities associated with property listings, checklist management software is an important part of real estate transactions. Brokermint’s Checklist Management Software Exceeds Expectations Real estate agents in past decades were buried in paperwork. It was difficult to haul all of the paperwork files from...