The consolidated task list lets you track and prioritize all tasks across all active transactions, so that none of your tasks fall through the cracks. The daily email reminder automatically notifies all assigned agents regarding outstanding items – no need for time-consuming individual follow-up calls or status checks! This software helps with friendly reminder email pings, too.

Tasks, Sorting, and Friendly Reminder Email Notification
  • Consolidated summary of all tasks
  • Color indicators for overdue items
  • Sorting feature to group all tasks by due date
  • Daily email reminders to all transaction users
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There are different email reminder categories that happen within the day-to-day operations as a real estate agent. There may be a quick reminder email letting you know to save your work before your next scheduled appointment. There can be a nice reminder email for you not to forget to buy a card for the secretary’s birthday party. There can be a reminder email for event registration deadlines so you don’t miss out on exciting real estate industry conferences. So many ways this software makes your life easier.
In a consolidated task list, you can see all of the tasks that you have created within the software. These are called your active transactions. You can get to your active transactions by first going to “My Tasks” and locating the “To Do” section.The tasks that are over due will appear in the top of the list so that you don’t miss out on any important tasks. Next, the tasks appear in order of date importance with the most current due dates toward the top of the list.
It is easy to scan to find the task you are looking for. Click on it to make changes or upload files here.
There are daily email notifications sent to all agents assigned to that task to help with productivity and communication.

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