Do you want to see all transactions that require your attention? Understand what you need to do without opening every transaction? Or maybe see all listings and pending sales that were added last week? Or sort them by price or office net?
With the new transaction list, you can do it all: access transaction indicators, sort your list by any column, apply multi-level filters and, most importantly, save every configuration as a custom view.
Transaction indicators highlight all transactions that require your attention. Focus on any one of them to see a detailed list of problems, including rejected documents, outstanding tasks, etc.
Sorting helps to bring order to your list. Sort any column in any direction you like.
Filters narrow down your list the way you need. Select transaction type, status, representation, and then apply the required date range: YTD, last month, this month, last week, this week, etc.
Custom views save your configuration and allow you to access it at any time. Set up multiple views and switch between them in seconds.
List pagination helps to load information faster and eliminates the need to scroll through long transaction lists.
A few additional updates:

  • Updated document preview to show all pictures and e-signatures.
  • Renamed transaction statuses: listed to listing, escrow to pending.
  • Removed inactive users from the commission management section. Payments can be assigned to active users only.
  • Updated email notifications to show the actual response received. When you send a document from the system and the recipient responds, we notify you and show you the actual response given by them.
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