Dotloop is a real estate transaction management platform. Using loops, Dotloop allows agents and brokers to collaborate, share documents, and have clients sign documents. It also offers transaction reporting and document storage.

If you’re looking for a standalone transaction management platform, Dotloop could work for you. However, if you want to streamline your entire back office, Dotloop’s lack of additional back office features (like accounting or commission automation) can leave you frustrated and looking for an alternative.

The good news is that there are great alternatives to Dotloop. Before we dive into the top alternatives, let’s take a look at what Dotloop does (and doesn’t) do well.

What Is Dotloop Good At?

Dotloop’s transaction management platform helps agents and brokers streamline transaction management and facilitate collaboration. With Dotloop’s loops, agents can collaborate with each other, send clients documents to eSign, and track transaction progress.

Along with loops, Dotloop also has a mobile app for agents, transaction and agent overview, charts/reporting, document storage, form templates, compliance workflows, and a document editor.

Overall, Dotloop has many transaction management features to help you manage transactions better.

Where Does Dotloop Fall Short?

While Dotloop provides transaction management features, it doesn’t provide any additional back office functionality. If you choose Dotloop for transaction management, you’ll need additional tech for accounting, commission calculation, agent management, and more. Having so many tech solutions is not only hard for your team to use – but it’s also expensive.

With tech adoption accelerating across the real estate industry, it’s more important than ever before to have modern, consolidated tech. A complete back office platform can give you an edge over other brokerages and help your team manage more transactions to boost growth. Dotloop’s transaction management solution doesn’t offer these advantages.

What Are The Best Dotloop Alternatives?

Now that you know what Dotloop is and isn’t good at, it’s time to look at alternatives. Here are the top 6 alternatives to Dotloop:

1. Brokermint

Top Features:

  •     Complete back office platform
  •     Cloud based
  •     Wide integration
  •     Back office automation

Brokermint is a complete, cloud-based back office platform for residential real estate. Along with transaction management, Brokermint has accounting, commission automation, agent management, and reporting/analytics modules. As a complete back office platform, Brokermint enables your data to flow seamlessly between every aspect of your back office.

While Brokermint offers solutions for your entire back office, you can choose to use one, some, or all of its modules. As your brokerage grows, you can add or remove modules. That way, Brokermint works just as well for your brokerage in five years as it does today.

Along with being an end-to-end platform, Brokermint also automates tedious back office tasks like data entry, commission calculation, generating reports, compiling franchise data, and more. This automation empowers your team to manage more transactions without needing to hire additional staff.

Because Brokermint is cloud-based, your team can access it from anywhere. With centralized document storage, your team can access crucial files from any device. And, Brokermint has a mobile app to make on-the-go access even easier. Brokermint is the best Dotloop alternative for most residential brokerages because it’s a complete, cloud-based platform with automation.

2. AccountTech

Top Features:

  •     Commission calculation
  •     Agent payments
  •     Financial reporting

AccountTech is an accounting and commission calculation solution for real estate brokerages. Although AccountTech provides many accounting-focused features, it doesn’t provide other capabilities you need to manage your whole back office (like transaction management or agent management).

In terms of accounting, AccountTech has features like bookkeeping, commission calculation, agent payment and billing, ACH payments, and financial reports. If you just need accounting software instead of a whole back office platform, AccountTech could be a good DotLoop alternative.

3. CORE BackOffice

Top Features:

  •     Agent management
  •     Commission calculation
  •     Agent payment

CORE BackOffice (formerly BrokerSumo) is a back office platform with agent management, commission calculation, accounting, and reporting/analytics. However, CORE BackOffice doesn’t have transaction management. If you choose CORE BackOffice, you’ll need additional tech to manage transactions.

In terms of features, CORE BackOffice has capabilities like agent billing/payment, onboarding, commission calculation, and reporting. As part of Inside Real Estate, CORE BackOffice with other CORE products (like kvCORE).

4. DocuSign

Top Features:

  •     eSignature
  •     Document templates
  •     Mobile app

DocuSign is primarily an eSignature platform for a variety of industries. Its real estate offering allows you to create documents, design templates, insert eSignature fields, and send documents to clients to be signed.

Because DocuSign is focused on eSignatures for multiple industries, it doesn’t have other back office features you need (like transaction management, accounting, or commission automation). If you primarily use Dotloop for eSigning documents and don’t need other back office features, DocuSign could be a good alternative.

5. SkySlope

Top Features:

  •     Checklists
  •     Document storage
  •     Dashboard overview

SkySlope is a transaction management platform with some commission tracking capabilities. As a transaction management platform, SkySlope has transaction checklists, document templates, a dashboard overview, and file review.

Along with transaction management, SkySlope also offers eSigning, MLS forms, custom brokerage forms, a transaction coordination service, and commission tracking. If you only need transaction management with some commission tracking, SkySlope could work for you.

6. zipForm Plus

Top Features:

  •     Agent dashboard
  •     eSignature integration
  •     Document notifications

zipForm Plus is a transaction management solution from Lone Wolf Technologies.  In zipForm Plus you’ll find features like an agent dashboard, MLS forms, customizable document templates, and centralized document storage.

While zipForm Plus connects to other zip products, it doesn’t have any offerings other than transaction management. If you’re looking for a transaction management only platform with zip integration, zipForm Plus could be a good Dotloop alternative.

Wrapping It Up

As a transaction management solution, Dotloop can help you streamline transactions, eSign documents, collaborate with other agents, and more. However, Dotloop’s lack of additional back office features (like accounting or commission automation) could make you look for an alternative.

All 6 alternatives can meet some of your back office needs. However, if you’re looking for a complete back office platform, Brokermint is the way to go. Its modern, cloud-based, and easy-to-use platform has five modules to meet all of your back office needs. Plus, with automation, Brokermint can help you get more done.

Book your Brokermint demo today to see why Brokermint is the best Dotloop alternative.