Great news! With the recent commission management update it became possible for us to take Brokermint reports to the next level. Today we’ve updated the Agent Report which answers the following questions:

  1. Who are my top producing agents?
  2. How many transactions did they close?
  3. I need to 1099 agents. What is the total commission per agent in the year to date?
  4. What is the total sales volume per agent?
  5. How much did each agent contribute to Office dollar?
The report can be filtered by different transaction statuses plus time-frames: closed this month, closed last month, closed YTD or since last anniversary date, etc. On top of this you can sort columns the way you need.
The most important feature is that you can drill down the list by clicking on any column, and it will automatically show all transactions for the selected user.
P.S. This report doesn’t use the “transaction owner” label, as it’s based on actual commissions paid to agents and their corresponding contribution.
This report is available for all users with the permission “can see reports” enabled.
More good news! All other reports are being updated to follow the same format. Stay tuned!

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