Update: Brand new disbursement authorization form (CDA)


Congrats! Our new updated CDA form gives you more control over its content and layout. You now have the ability to customize the form name, add instructions for your title company, etc. Take a look at the full list of features below or watch our video!

New features include:

  • Customize form name, you enter it and the system remembers until you change it
  • Add Title company information to the form, the same as above, it saves and populates automatically next time you generate a new DA
  • Enter Escrow number information
  • Added “Company” field to user profiles, if you populate it the system shows Company instead of Agent name on CDA (helpful for agents that use their own LLC, etc.)
  • Automatically saves entered instructions and populates next time you generate CDA
  • Consolidated payouts, if company represents both sides or if agent is listed on both sides
  • CDA can be saved to unsorted (you can upload it to checklist or to documents and then e-sign) we will be sending more information on how to e-sign it  
  • Can be emailed as pdf to multiple recipients at once. File name contains transaction address and date
  • Specify email subject when you emailing a CDA directly out of Brokermint

Watch our 3-minute video recap

Thank you,