We often get asked about CDA in real estate. CDA stands for commission disbursement authorization. It’s a type of real estate commission form that ensures real estate agents can collect their rightful commision for the work that they’ve performed. Think of it as a check that is cut to agents at a real estate closing. Normally, this process can be confusing and cumbersome.
CDA software allows real estate professionals and title companies to track and disburse money more easily. CDA software can provide detailed branded instructions to your escrow, title or attorneys in just seconds. In short, the best CDA software allows you to turn what is ordinarily a complicated process of dealing with real estate commission forms, into something with cookie-cutter simplicity, freeing up your valuable time while still maintaining the highest level of accuracy. Our customers tell us they love the advanced functionality of Brokermint, along with the intuitive process. Whether you have a small team or a multi-office brokerage, Brokermint’s CDA real estate commission form will ramp up your efficiency. Now, we’ve made product updates that make your job even easier.
Our goal is to simplify the way real estate commissions are handled. Brokermint’s standard CDA real estate form is user friendly and streamlines the commission process. We’ve made improvements based on feedback from our customers, to make the process easier than ever for you. Our new, updated real estate commission disbursement form gives you more control over its content and layout. You now have the ability to customize the disbursement form template name, add instructions for your title company, etc. Take a look at the full list of features below or watch our video.
User-friendly new features include:

  • The ability to customize your real estate commission form name – simply enter the name and the system remembers until you decide to change it.
  • Addition of title company information to the form. Just like the previous feature, it saves and populates automatically next time you generate a new DA.
  • Enter Escrow number information.
  • A new “company” field in user profiles. This means that, when populated, the system will show the company instead of agent name on the commission disbursement form (particularly helpful for agents that use their own LLC).
  • Automatically save entered instructions which will populate the next time you generate a CDA.
  • Consolidated payouts: if your company represents both sides, or if an agent is listed on both sides.
  • CDAs can be saved to unsorted (you can upload it to checklist or to documents and then e-sign).  Look for more information on how to e-sign documents.
  • CDA real estate forms can be emailed as a pdf to multiple recipients at once. The file name contains the transaction address and date.
  • The ability to specify an email subject when emailing a CDA directly out of Brokermint.
Click the button below to download our comprehensive disbursement form template, or click here to learn more about customizing your own CDA real estate forms. Brokermint displays commission data quickly and efficiently so that you can get paid on time. Eliminate the hassle of back-and-forth with your escrow or title company and make sure everyone gets paid on time, every time. Spend less time on forms and dedicate more time to doing what you do best.

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