You already know the Brokermint team loves updating our software; we just can’t leave it alone! And we love taking feedback or suggestions users have about the platform and making tweaks that make our software better and more usable for you and your business.
Which is why we’re excited to announce our latest and newest functionality: Brokermint now automatically syncs with QuickBooks online to automate your accounting in no time.
How It Works: The Power of Automation
Each time you enter information into Brokermint (such as commission data) the integration automatically does the following:

  • Creates Invoices or Sales Receipts (for commissions you receive)
  • Enters your Agents as Vendors (and/or as Customers)
  • Generates Bills, Expenses or Checks to be paid
  • Once ready, cut checks for your agents with a click of a button in QuickBooks Online!
Take it one step further and link Quickbooks to your business’ bank account to automatically match all transfers and make reconciliation a breeze.

Sounds great! How do I connect Brokermint and QuickBooks Online?
Sign up or login to Brokermint and click User > Add-ons, then select QuickBooks Online and click on the “Get Started” button. Brokermint add-on installations are self guided for quick and easy setup, but our our trained team is standing by in case you have any questions during the installation process.
With all these advantages, why wait to enjoy the benefits? Start today by trying Brokermint QuickBooks Online integration with no risk. Setup takes less than 20 minutes!

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