Two big updates were introduced to the commission management side of Brokermint:
Commission templates

  • setup commission templates
  • assign templates to agents
  • create transactions and auto-apply templates
  • override automatically applied plan with any other template
Updated commission management interface

  1. streamlined the “add agent” process, the system auto-assigns award allocation and applies default commission template
  2. replaced the “calculate” button with the auto-calculate function
  3. added agent net and office net to the commission page
  4. introduced commission approval process (draft vs finalized)
  5. simplified the interface, it takes one click to add new items (income and deductions)
  6. renamed items to be consistent across the interface (pre-commission, post-commission, pre-split, post-split, etc.)
  7. added detailed description of all income and deduction items to the help section (click on the question mark on the commissions page)
  8. added video guide for admins on how to setup templates and assign them to agents
  9. added video guide on how to use templates and generate CDA forms
  10. agent net and office net visible in “listings” and “pending sale” reports
Watch our video to learn more about all updates!

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