Over 90 percent of real estate executives cited retaining top talent as a central business concern – Real estate marketing firm, Imprev.

Since money is the main motivator for most real estate professionals, it’s essential that you pay commissions correctly, and on time – every time. We’re offering a webinar to help you implement processes that will help you do just that.

Every real estate transaction is different. The amounts involved differ, as well as commission percentages, structures, and payments. Our clients already use our system to properly manage, track, and streamline commissions. Now, we’ve partnered with an innovative provider of online invoicing and electronic payments – ViewPost.

Brokermint is offering a webinar on December 17th at 10am PST to show you how to harness the power of our intuitive tools combined with the speed and efficiency of ViewPost’s payment services. Now you can use the real estate commission tracking solutions offered by Brokermint, and simply upload that information to ViewPost to send out accurate payments more quickly than ever before.

Viewpost streamlines payments for brokerages like yours and provides a free online portal for vendors to view payment history and remittance information. Eliminate paper checks once and for all.

Agents who stay with brokerages expect correct payments on time, every time. Keep them happy and reduce your own headaches by working with Brokermint and ViewPost. Learn more at the webinar on December 17th at 10am PST!


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