Remote Transaction Management

The way you succeed in the real estate industry is changing before our eyes. Adopt remote working now, and you’ll be on the forefront of our new normal. 

We know this is a challenging time. Many agents, brokers, and admins are being forced into their homes for the foreseeable future. At the same time, several real estate professionals are going into their offices, but transitioning away from visiting clients. How can business possibly get done in such an environment? 

The answer is effective remote working – Remote Transaction Management

Remote working is a new frontier for many real estate brokerages. That’s why Brokermint is here to offer support. Join us for a webinar on may 6 at 10am where we’ll cover the fundamentals of remote transaction management. Leveraging tools like email notifications, task assignments, shared calendars, activity logs, and so much more, brokers and agents can continue to run their business. Not only that, they’ll be better positioned for the future and in a more secure place than their competitors once we ride out this storm. 

This is the first topic in a series of webinars Brokermint is offering to help support and enable businesses like yours during the Covid-19 crisis. We understand your fears and challenges. Learning to maximize efficiency and continue to provide value is what will save your company during this time. Remote working is the key, and remote transaction management is the one platform that can help. 

You’ll hear from live guests and current users about how to use the unique features of Brokermint to make the most of your day – and keep business running as usual. 

Register for this free webinar today, and learn how remote working will keep your agents successful – now, and into the future.


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