Webinar: Helping Agents Hit Financial Goals is a Win/Win

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If there was a way to help agents understand their financial standing, encourage them to increase revenue, and reduce the time spent on meeting and reporting on these topics, you’d want to know about it, right?

Starting now, there is a way. Learn more by attending our webinar on Thu, Oct 14th at 11am PST. We’ll discuss the innovative Contribution Progress Widget and how it is helping brokerages nationwide keep agents accountable and focused on revenue-generating activity.

Every office measures success differently. Whether you want to monitor gross revenue or sales by agent, Brokermint’s Contribution Progress Widget provides real insight into how you’re doing. Use the intuitive widget to set up a dashboard with figures that matter to you and your team. Allow agents to quickly see figures like their total contributions for the month (vs. goals), the value of total properties in the queue, office sales volume, and more. Agents can even see how much time they have left to reach their goals, providing extra incentive and motivation for great results.

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