In today’s increasingly digital world, the data generated and used by your company is a big deal. With ever more concerning cyber security threats and privacy issues challenging more and more businesses, the real estate industry is no exception. Many professionals leveraging online services or applications can’t be entirely sure where their data is going or how it’s being used. 

Take a few online listing aggregators that are offering data-driven insights for you (or anyone else) to read online, do you know where that data is coming from? It’s being compiled from each and every piece of transaction related information. Many agents grew tired of the feeling of paying for access to their own data being leveraged by third party companies. 

We encourage all of our clients to ask themselves the hard questions about data. If you think data doesn’t matter, you’re wrong. The safety and security of your real estate transaction data is of utmost importance to your business, and your clients. Are you reading the fine print before you work with a transaction company? Who owns the apps or online services you’re using? Do you know how to get out of that arrangement – and get back your data – if you’re no longer satisfied? 

With Brokermint, your data is yours. Always. 

Brokermint is completely independently owned and operated. One of our principles is keeping our clients’ data private. We’ll never sell or distribute your data. Furthermore, we use Amazon web services to encrypt all data to make sure it’s safe and secure. We leverage specific servers in each geographic region, and data never goes into third-party hands or outside of the country. 

Furthermore, we don’t hold users “hostage” by making it complicated to back up or retrieve data. We’ve noticed that many services make it challenging to move your own data if you plan to change providers. Say you’ve uploaded tens of thousands of documents over the past 5 years – would you know how to get all of it back, in a simple and secure way? 

It’s important to us that Brokermint is efficient to use and offers competitive advantages to our clients as they do business. As part of this commitment, we offer connections to Dropbox or Google Drive, along with API integrations, so that clients can back up data quickly and easily. 

We know that if you use Brokermint, you’ll love it. We don’t need to use technical loopholes that keep people using the system only because they can’t get their data back. There are currently 900 brokerages nationwide using Brokermint, who all agree!

If you’re looking for a partner to help with transaction management, make sure to choose one with plenty of positive reviews and reputable client testimonials. And to make things even easier, choose a partner that offers a full range of back-office operational support. Brokermint helps agents go from contract to closing – safely and securely!

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