Do You Need a Real Estate Commission Tracker Software?

We hear from many growing brokerages that one of the toughest parts of managing the business is tracking real estate commission. The faster you grow, the more properties you’ll help people to buy and sell – and that’s great! That also means you’ll be paying agents more commissions – which is a good challenge to…

Go Beyond a Real Estate Transaction Checklist

Busy agents need to leverage tools to make their job easier and more efficient. The more transactions you’re dealing with, the harder it can be to manage the details and paperwork associated with each deal. Most established agents have created their own processes for managing their workload and clients. There are also a variety of…

Growing Pains: How to Ensure Your Brokerage Can Fully Manage Everything from Contract to Closing

(Even if You’re Just Getting Started!) Welcome to the world of real estate brokerage management! Whether you’ve just opened your doors, or you have a roster of a dozen or more agents working tirelessly to close new deals, being able to efficiently scale your company is vital to its success. But where do you start…

Brokermint – Google Sheets via APInation

Data at your Fingertips with Google Sheets + Brokermint Google Sheets is a powerful spreadsheet app that allows you to collect, track, and manage data to gain greater insights into your business. Google Sheets makes true data-driven decision making possible – and through a new partnership with Brokermint, brokerages can make quick work of data…

Meet Brokermint at Inman Connect New York

Our team will be in New York on January 28-31 attending Inman Connect. Please use this link to book a quick meeting. Coffee on us! 🙂

Announcing the Brokermint and LionDesk Partnership

Making Smart Decisions Based on Real-Time Data  In today’s real estate market, information is key to your business success. You need to be able to use information to act fast and capitalize on opportunities – and know what’s working and what’s not working. However, lack of visibility into the entire real estate process – from…

Utah State Real Estate Forms available in Brokermint

We at Brokermint are excited to let you know about some great features we’ve recently added to the Brokermint system. This time, it’s all about state forms, our team has been diligently working behind the scenes over the last several weeks with Associations around the country to provide more value to their members and enable…

Who Owns Your Data? At Brokermint, We Believe You Do!

In today’s increasingly digital world, the data generated and used by your company is a big deal. With ever more concerning cyber security threats and privacy issues challenging more and more businesses, the real estate industry is no exception. Many professionals leveraging online services or applications can’t be entirely sure where their data is going…

Successful Transaction 101 Infographic

Successful transaction 101 – pick the right transaction management tool

Real Estate Transaction Management Software Must Have Functions Infographic

In our new infographic we list must have functions every real estate transaction management software should offer.

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