#1 REGISTER Complete the registration form to join the program!

#2 REFER A BUSINESS Start spreading the word by sharing a URL through email or social media.

#3 EARN CASH You earn cash when the business you refer becomes Brokermint customer and remains in good standing for 60 days.


“Best decision I have made for my office! Brokermint is easy to use and my agents are really starting to like it. I have already recommended you to another company.” Marie Jebavy, Broker/Owner

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I make a referral?
Simply complete the form on this page. Once registered, use the Referral (Share and Earn Cash) tab. You can choose to share via email, social media, or just submit the form yourself and our expert sales team will contact them directly!

2. How long does it take to receive my reward?
The Reward issuance process begins following the second consecutive month for which Brokermint receives full payment from the Eligible New Customer. Remember, to receive a check, you must submit a W-9 form to referrals@brokermint.com.

3. How much do I earn for my referral?
Rewards will be calculated based upon the number of seats activated by your referral. Reward tiers are calculated as follows:

1-5 seats $250
6-15 seats $350
16-25 seats $450
26-50 seats $550
51-100 seats $650
101-150 seats $750
151- 200 seats $850
201-300 seats $1000
300+ seats $1200

4. How can I receive my reward?
You can receive a check or an account credit. Remember, to receive a check, you must specify this in your email to referrals@brokermint.com and attach completed W-9 form.

5. Who can I contact if I have a question about my rewards?

Please email referrals@brokermint.com or call (619) 789-6369 option 2

Full terms and conditions for the Referral Program are available at https://brokermint.com/referral-program-rules/