Sliding Scale Plans

The system can automatically switch between tiers and adjust commission split based production. Have more items that cap? Setup multiple conditions for each item within your commission plan and let the system to track it for you. No more manual tracking, agents get paid what they earned, on time!

Team Plans

Tracking for commissions for teams can be very complicated, but with Brokermint on your side, you can rest easy. Set up teams and cap contributions. See precisely how much each team member generated toward the group quota.

Easy Deposit Tracking

See the current balance across all deals or narrow down your search to see deposit details at a transactional level. Easily access the ledger to see when money came in and when it was released. Push deposits to QuickBooks or other accounting tools in just a few clicks -- no tedious manual entry!

Commission Disbursement

Use Brokermint’s standard commission disbursement form or build your own -- the system displays commission data the way you need to get paid on time and eliminate back-and-forth with your Escrow or Title company.


Agent Statement

Instantly generate commission statements for your agents alongside their commission check. Impress them and grow loyalty with a detailed commission breakdown showing precisely what they earned.

Integration with Accounting

Integrate with Quickbooks online and improve efficiency, increase profit margins, and ease the workload burdening your administrative staff. Brokermint allows you to automate the accounting process, reducing errors and saving time.

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