Big news! Not only does Brokermint seamlessly integrate with MLS and QuickBooks, with your CRM system. It’s the trifecta of integrations that you can use to streamline your real estate back office process.
It doesn’t matter which CRM you’re using either–you name the system and we can setup a process to automatically import contacts and transition opportunities and deals to Brokermint with zero double entry!
So, how does it work?
First log into your CRM system:

  • Manage your sales activities in your CRM and convert leads as you would normally do.
  • As soon as you convert a lead into an opportunity or a deal, the integration automatically creates a listing or a pending sale in Brokermint (depending if you have a “buyer” or a “seller” lead).
  • Begin uploading appropriate transaction paperwork
Brokermint allows real estate offices such as yours to completely eliminate double entry. Using the magic of our technology, all you have to do is enter opportunities into your CRM to  automatically see the data reflected in Brokermint. This makes tracking transaction documents and commissions (especially if you’re using our QBO or other accounting integration) a smooth, one-time procedure.
One entry into your CRM and everything is ready for agents and admins to begin uploading paperwork in Brokermint. It really is that simple!
Not convinced?  Other outstanding key benefits of our CRM integration capability include:

  • Ability to connect to any CRM with API capability
  • Automatic import of contacts and opportunities
  • Seamless transition of data between front office and back office
  • The ability to customize your system via field mapping
  • Error free data copy–guaranteed!
Okay, now I’m convinced. How do I get started?
Let’s have a call and discuss all options, please use the following link to set it up!

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