You probably want an all around real estate transaction tasks manager. Task planning can be made much simpler by having the data you need available in the same area.  Managing tasks becomes easy when there is a set system in play.

Brokermint’s Tasks Manager Is Updated
We did it! A few hours ago we updated real estate software Brokermint with all the features we wanted to deploy this year. Here is what was added:

  • Real Estate Task Management (add/update/remove)
  • Task Deadlines (add/update)
  • Task Comments (add)
Real estate agents need a personal assistant. You can hire a person to maintain all of your files, but you will find that to be inefficient. Brokermint has project management real estate assistant software that is ready to go for your use.
Brokermint takes suggestions about how to improve the software for real estate agents. If you find yourself doing the same sort of repetitive task, it might be able to be automated to a single click. Brokermint really wants to provide the best software solutions for real estate transactions. Because of prior suggestions, we have even more updates coming up.
Our next release is scheduled to happen on 1/9/2014 and it will have:

  • Document Management (upload/delete)
  • Document Preview
  • Document Comments (add)
  • Document Email Integration (add docs via email)
Task managing is a process that takes place after tasks are created. What is the next step for this task? What are the requirements to complete this task? Where does this task go when completed? All of these questions are part of the logistics used to create this software for real estate agents in the first place.
Brokermint has a task manager application platform that is build exclusively for real estate agents.  The kind of real estate transactions that are made on a daily basis certainly justifies having this cloud service avilable at your finger tips.

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